School Members Strike Ballot

Having voted very heavily to reject the employers’ (CoSLA’s) 2023/24 pay cut offer some months back, and having had no improved offer since, UNISON is balloting selected groups of workers for industrial action, in conjunction with our sister unions in Local Government.
Small groups in Waste and Parking were targeted for early action in areas that would have an impact around the UCI cycling event. These will be taking action over the next week.
Meanwhile, members in all authorities (and Tayside Contracts) who work in Schools (or co-located Early Years) are currently being balloted for action during the Autumn term.
Unite and GMB have just conclude their ballots and our UNISON member are 1 week into our ballot from 31st July to 25th August.

You should have received a PURPLE ENVELOPE from UNISON which contains your strike ballot paper. Please vote and post it back as soon as possible.

If you have already voted thank you!

If you haven’t received your ballot paper yet, you’ve misplaced it or the dog has eaten it (!) and you need a new one please call our ballot helpline on 0800 0857 857 – they will be open for 2 weeks from today.

We need to a good turnout to put pressure on COSLA and the Scottish government to increase their pay offer to all school and local government workers.

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