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  • Lies, Damned Lies and CoSLA Spin on Pay!

    In a bid to sell their latest pay offer, CoSLA has concocted a soup of selective facts, spin, misdirection and plain lies. In a document they title “Your Pay: The Reality” (an interesting choice of words) they show a selection of pay rates with %age increases. These increase rates are correct, however the way they…

  • Help Fund the Fight for Better Pay

    As part of the campaign to win a decent pay rise for all our members in Local Government (Locally that’s members Dundee City Council, Leisure and Culture Dundee and Tayside Contracts), our Schools and co-located Early Years members will soon be taking strike action on all our behalf. As this is targeted/selective action, we rightly…

  • UNISON’s Energy Support Fund

    27th September – Be ready The Energy Support Fund will open on 27 September, with grants of £200 available to support low income members with their energy costs. Due to finite funds, we can only accept 2,000 applications. 1,000 will be released at 8.30am and 1,000 at 5pm. In previous rounds of this fund, demand…

  • School Members Strike Ballot

    Having voted very heavily to reject the employers’ (CoSLA’s) 2023/24 pay cut offer some months back, and having had no improved offer since, UNISON is balloting selected groups of workers for industrial action, in conjunction with our sister unions in Local Government. Small groups in Waste and Parking were targeted for early action in areas…

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4 days ago

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5 days ago

Dundee City Unison
The first day of the UNISON Women’s Conference 2024 brought together current issues marvellously. Looking the relevance of LGBT history (being celebrated this month) and the Israeli-Palestine conflict to women’s issues today was a vital and engaging speech by Libby Nolan, and you can read what it covered here 👉 See MoreSee Less
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6 days ago

Dundee City Unison
There is a call for all Trade Unions to show their support for Palestine and opposition to the ongoing genocide in Gaza by supporting this event on Saturday. We ask all our members to see if they can make it along for this: See MoreSee Less
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4 weeks ago

Dundee City Unison
We are still getting enquiries about why some people getting extra pay this month and others haven’t. Regular followers of our Facebook page will know that we’ve explained why the final award was complicated and would result in some people not getting any extra over the original September offer a number of times.This fact was partly why our branch exec recommended rejection of the final offer.This graph shows the original April pay offer with its stepped increases due to the 65p, 2.5%, 1.5% and 1% second stage (January) increases on top of the 5% basic offer from April (in Yellow) and the September offer (£1.04, £1 or 5.5%) in blue. Employees were to get the better of those 2 (originally just from January but after the strikes, this was extended back to the full year). The best of line is traced in red. You can see that the September offer is best up until SCP 33, Then the 2.5% bit of the April offer takes the Yellow line up higher until SCP 43. At SCP 44 the yellow line drops (where the 2.5% changes to just 1.5%) below the blue line for just that point and SCP 45 (which DCC don’t use). After that, despite another dip at SCP 65 where the 1.5% drops to 1%, the yellow (April Offer) line stays above the Blue September Offer line.The September offer was paid back in November. Only those on SCPs where the Yellow April Offer rises above the Blue line will have received any extra pay this month. That extra money is backdated to April too (following the strike) and should reflect the amount that the yellow line is above the blue line. See MoreSee Less
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